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THALASSO SPA SIGHIENTU: the encounter between land and sea… a paradise where you can regenerate

Outside the mass frenzy, immersed in a simple atmosphere made of primordial flavors, colors and scents, there is a place that brings our spirit and body back to the essential. The element that gives rise to life becomes the main component of all the treatments that you can find within Aua Thalasso & SPA sea water contains in itself all the elements that are present on earth, giving the possibility to recharge with trace elements and iodine, thus also carrying out a vitalizing, cleansing, antibacterial, rebalancing, relaxing and firming action, removing stress. Now, as never before, we need to recharge and start again with a new vitality.

All this is possible at SMY Sighientu Thalasso & amp; SPA , where inside you will find Aua Thalasso & amp; SPA , 2000 square meters divided between swimming pools with sea water heated at about 34 °, Natural Aesthetic Area to be able to dedicate yourself to your beauty, Massage Area Western and Eastern for a deep relaxation of the muscles, Wet Area divided into: 1 Sauna, 1 Turkish Bath and 1 Thermarium where you can purify the body; Relaxation Zone where you can sip an organic herbal tea or take time for a good read., Twin Cabin to share an unrepeatable moment with your partner.

Materials such as travertine, wood, granite, stone, shapes and colors, have been appropriately chosen to follow a philosophy, that of harmony and simplicity. Throughout the structure there is a vaguely exotic air, many furnishings, curtains, cushions and lamps come from Eastern countries, properly chosen to combine the two cultures, the Eastern and the Mediterranean, creating a unique atmosphere.

SPA Sighientu
The Biomarine Path is one of the treatments performed at Aua Thalasso & amp; SPA Sighientu , it is a p route in sea water heated at 34 °, where inside there are several jets and hydrojets that initially stimulate the lower limbs, then back, shoulders and neck. The path follows a very specific order, precisely to guarantee an optimal stimulation for the circulatory and lymphatic system. At the end of the biomarine path, we invite guests to stay for some time in the warm area: sauna, Turkish bath, thermarium to help eliminate excess toxins. The effect that will be enjoyed will be a deep relaxation , at the same time the right balance of mineral salts and trace elements will be re-established, the skin will be cleansed, smooth and toned to the touch.

Our qualified staff will welcome you by reserving you exclusive treatments that will respond to your every need, because for us it is important to take the person by the hand and accompany him on a sensory journey.

A sweet and relaxing atmosphere will allow you to abandon yourself in a single encounter between body, mind and spirit.

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  • Via Serchio, 139, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena, CA, Italia
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