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Description SPA

The resort’s SPA was inspired by a Mediterranean theme and Roman spas, with a modern
The SPA has a SPA area, a wet area and a lounge area.

The SPA area has:

  • a calidarium pool to enjoy the warm heat of the water at 37° C;
  • a tepidarium pool with 28-32°C water and massaging water;
  • a frigidarium pool with 15-18° water, to soak in after the steam room;
  • a warm Kneipp pool at 35-39°, a cold Kneipp pool at 10-14° C, where the massage system
    and vasoconstricting and vasodilating effect of the cold and hot water are targeted on the
    ankles, thighs and calves.

The wet area has a steam room, Finnish sauna and therapeutic shower with different
chromo/aromatherapy and slimming programs.The lounge area is a room lit by a starry sky and equipped with a chaise longue that letsusers end their treatments with complete mental and physical relaxation.The resort Spa is also equipped with a massage room and a health area where you canvisit with our consultants, aesthetic doctor and osteopath.Brief description of the consultants and what they do.


Su Passu – The SPA

The SPA is equipped with:

  • A pool with massaging water jet, a comfortable and warm place where you can carve out a moment of relax and enjoy the effects of color therapy.
  • The Finnish Sauna, perfect to eliminate the toxic substances that we normally accumulate in the body, thanks to the high temperatures reached inside.
  • The Turkish bath, a place where you can regenerate body and spirit, thanks to steam and humidity.Relax02-Su Passu

Treatments and massages are based on the use of natural and seasonal ingredients, linked to some important moments of the agricultural activities, such as the harvesting of wine grapes or the honey production. You will be immersed in a warm and enveloping atmosphere where you will enjoy the beneficial property of plants and herbs of the territory.

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  • Wellness Country Spa Inghirios, Santa Maria La Palma, Italia
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