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Have you ever stopped, during the early afternoon hours, to watch the sunset and think “there is no other place in the world you would like to stay in right now”?

It is a strong sensation, which contemporary life with its frenetic pace makes more and more rare. Some call it peace of the senses, others call it nirvana, that is, the state of total fulfillment. We call it the “Hexagon Effect”, because whoever enters the Hotel Esagono, in San Teodoro, enters an earthly paradise. A space where time slows down and the senses are amplified, in a pure enjoyment of relaxation and well-being. It is the feeling that Sardinia gives, but amplified even more by a 360-degree concept of well-being, very close to the sea. And it is not simply a question of structure. It is also a matter of philosophy, of worldview.

When we welcome new guests, we’re on a mission to make them feel like they’re in the right place at the right time. And the increasingly serene and relaxed smile of our guests as the days go by is clear proof of this. The rest is done by the healing power of the crystalline sea of ​​San Teodoro, a few meters from us, which whispers its sweet words to those who know how to listen. Its flow of energy is beneficial and constant, a natural remedy that has no equal.

But men and women don’t just live by the sea, and at Hotel Esagono we know well that the perfect structure is one that welcomes and provides all the tools to take care of the personal temple: body and soul. United and inescapable as the Latinos used to say: “a healthy soul in a healthy body”. For this reason, all the treatments are carried out with the best Sardinian products, to refresh the sense of smell and the skin, the nerves and the thoughts, slowed down and rested thanks to the fragrances of our island.

The Esagono wellness

From this point of view, the well-being of the Esagono offers its guests the massage cabins and the hot tub in the open air, under the blue Sardinian sky. Two treatments that make you feel at home inside your body, rebalancing your inner balance, a fundamental objective for those who feel a little bothered by the stress accumulated during the year. The massages from our experts and the outdoor hot tub are our corner of restoration for the person: an extensive SPA on the most beautiful coast of the island. The best way to recharge the batteries.

For nature lovers and for those who cannot resist the call to activity, Hotel Esagono offers many activities immersed in the greenery and nature of San Teodoro. All activities are aimed at the well-being of the person, including meditation and yoga classes, up to the exploration of the Sardinian sea. A sea that escapes any etiquette attempt: there is no color in which to enclose it in a definition: the Mediterranean kissing San Teodoro is a different painting every day, every day more beautiful. That is why all activity takes place between silence and the sweet melody of the wind. Yes, it is the Hexagon Effect.

The Esagono restaurant

But the pampering does not end here, quite the opposite. The sweetest and most sophisticated are served at the table. This is where the senses explode and memories are etched forever. For all the meals of the day, in fact, we offer top quality solutions, the delicacies of the Esagono restaurant come exclusively from our territory, with all the freshness and flavors that this can give. After all, what could be more beautiful than a hearty breakfast outdoors, on the sun-kissed terrace cooled by sea breezes? Or a dinner with the tasting selection of our most requested dishes?

All this, of course, making the most precious flavors of Sardinia explode on the palate, ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates. But any attempt to convince you with words would be superfluous in the face of the power of images. Therefore, if you haven’t decided yet, try looking for some shots of our terrace, of the sea kissing the shore a few meters from our gardens. Try to see what shade of color the sky is, once you arrive at night. Look at the orange that mixes with the red and, together, ready to be reflected in the sea, blurring the line of the horizon. Or take our word for it and don’t let the surprise go to waste.

The beauty of the Hexagon Effect, in fact, is that it surprises you more intensely if you don’t expect it. It’s like feeling excited at the thought of going to your favorite place. It is the beauty of being able to take a break in paradise. After all, you deserve it, right?


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