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Fit Palestre®

Fit Palestre® has been operating for more than 20 years in the fitness industry to promote wellness. The benefits of an active lifestyle are several: from a more harmonious and tonic body to a general health (mood, quality of sleep, prevention of cardiovascular disease, etc.), but also much more. Considering the priceless benefits deriving from physical activity, it is certainly a very economical investment, both in terms of time and money.

In order to provide a 360° wellness experience, in 2012 we opened our SPA, an intimate and friendly atmosphere to regenerate and love yourself. The time of the program is 45 minutes and it operates 7 days a week, during opening hours (reservations required).

Turkish bath

Steam with eucalyptus’ fragrance can improve blood and lymphatic circulation, purify the body in depth and remove toxins. It also favours a pleasant state of relaxation and prevents respiratory disorders as well.

Emotional shower

A shower of colours and fragrances, to treat anxiety and stress.

Alternating cold and hot shower

Improves microcirculation and gives soft skin.


Legs, lower back and cervical are the areas where the tension accumulates mostly. With the enjoyable water massage, it will be easy to regenerate and immediately feel the muscles relaxing.

Relax area

You can feel more benefits for the circulation on our comfortable “chaise longue”. The legs are raised to the height of the heart to ensure a feeling of lightness throughout the day.

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  • Via Mosca, 16, Selargius, 09047 CA, Italia
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